Gallery Extensions for TYPO3 - an up-to-date comparison

Since Daniel Lienert and I am currently working on a new gallery extension for TYPO3, we tried to find out which extensions are currently available for photo management in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) and what are their "dos and don'ts". Currently, yag is on place 21 regarding downloads if you search for "gallery" in TER.

So what are the problems regarding the other 20 extension available. Here is a comparison of them with a comment regarding problems from our point of view:

Shop System (tt_products)



OK - we have a shop system with a product gallery here - not really a gallery though...

Gallery (lz_gallery)



  • Last update more than 7 years ago
  • Rather "old" design
  • No backend module

Photo Book (goof_fotoboek)



  • Poor functionality
  • Operates on a directory on server
  • No MetaData for images
  • No Backend Module

SmoothGallery for TYPO3 (rgsmoothgallry)



  • No real gallery, only JavaScript Plugin
  • No Backend Module

wt_gallery (wt_gallery)



  • No Backend Module

Website Photo Gallery (jm_gallery)



  • No Backend Module
  • Image creation is done when saving records
  • Complicated administration in a FE / BE mix.

DAM Photo Gallery (hl_dam_gallery)



  • Depends on DAM
  • No Backend Module

Photogallery (ce_gallery)



  • No Backend Module
  • Not really flexible when it comes to resolution configurations

DAM gallery with Liteshow (dam_liteshow)



  • Only lightbox
  • No Backend Module

Another simple gallery, show all images of a direc (chgallery)



  • No Backend Module
  • Can only render images from a directory

Ecodev: DAM photo gallery (eco_gal)

16.4.2011 (set as obsolete)


  • Obsolete - no longer maintained

Advanced FLV Player & Video Gallery (bddb_flvvideogallery)



  • Flash required
  • Only FlashPlayer for images
  • No Backend Module
  • Not for commercial purposes

Simple Gallery (ch_simple_gallery)



  • No documentation
  • No imageMagick used
  • Only images from directories

Gallery2 ( gallery2 )



  • Requires gallery2 to be installed
  • Only bridge for gallery2

Simple Javascript Fotogallery (mbit_gallery)



  • Complicated configuration
  • No Backend Module
  • Only renders images from a given directory

Simple Photo Gallery (photo_gals)



  • Only renders images from directory
  • No Backend Module
  • Only "Big image" with thumbnails below

Javascript Slideshow (vc_javascriptslideshow)



  • Only slideshow
  • No Backend Module
  • Handles only photos given in Flexform

Realty Manager (realty)



  • Well - this is not actually a gallery extension

BAHAG Photo Gallery (bahag_photogallery)



  • Seems to be a solution for a agency project and never updated ever since
  • No Backend Module Flickr Flash Show (harz2night_de_flickrflashshow)



  • Only a wrapper for Flash Plugin
  • No Backend Module

Some problems, all current gallery extensions face


  • No theming concept - Look and Feel of gallery can only be modified by HTML templates
  • No advanced resolution handling: Only "thumb" - "single" - "cover" resolutions can be configured
  • No API for using gallery from within other extensions
  • None of the galleries is based on a modern framework like Extbase
  • All but one of the extensions does not have a backend module. The one that has a backend module is a bridge to gallery2 - hence there is no standalone moule in TYPO3 look-and-feel

Features of other galleries not yet implemented in YAG


  • Worst of them all: We still don't have a category system. We once thought that having gallery-album-images would be enough... stupid though...
  • We cannot use PIDs for BE access restrictions. Everything goes to PID 0 atm
  • We do not have a DAM integration yet. Mainly this is because there will be something called FAL - File Abstraction Layer - that will replace parts of DAM and we wanted to wait for this new feature that will be available in TYPO3 4.7
  • tt_content integration: You cannot use YAG for displaying "image with text" in a standard content element atm. This is something we hope to ship with version 1.5.0 of yag
  • Rating and commenting is not yet available in YAG, as we think that this can easily be integrated using any 3-rd party extension or service like Disqus

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