TER Release Workflow

TODO this article is still under construction!

1. Check forge issues and commit log for changes and write changelog to manual.sxw.

2. Save manual.sxw and export manual.pdf

3. Merge develop branch back into master using following git command:

git merge --no-ff develop -m "TASK: merged develop back into master"

4. Make sure, extension directory is writable!

5. Make sure, all (new) dependencies are set correctly in ext_emconf.php. Before uploading extension, upload all new versions of dependent extensions.

6. Upload extension to TER via Extension Manager.

Tag state of uploaded version with GIT:

git tag -a vx.y.z -m "TER version x.y.z"

Push release tag to github:

git push github vx.y.z

Change version to x.y.z-dev in ext_emconf:

'version' => '0.0.2-dev'

WARNING: At the time of publishing this article, I recommend not to use TYPO3 version 4.6.y as TER upload is buggy there!

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