Facebook Thumbnails not showing

When you add a link on your wall / profile that refers to a page which has images on it, Facebook will automatically grep the page for images and give you a selection of thumbnails to chose from.

Somehow this did not work for my blog. After some searching, I found this useful link which enables you to see what Facebook sees from your site:


After entering my URL I could see, that Facebook somehow messed up the base path of the images. It turned out, that Facebook seems not to respect <base href="..." /> for the URLs of the page. As all URLs of the images on my page were given relative like <img src="typo3temp/yag/..." /> I got things like mimi.kaktusteam.de/path/to/my/blog/post/typo3temp/yag/... which hardly made any sense.

So the solution to this problem is simply adding an absolute path to your images:

<img src="/typo3temp/yag/..." />

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