LaTex Makefile with TexShop

18.09.2012 in Informatik

This little tutorial shows how to use a Makefile to build your LaTex projects with TexShop on MacOS X. The Makefile renders table of contents, index, bibliography and all references within your LaTex files.

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Jugendausschuss Hamburg

17.09.2012 in (J)DAV

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Cambodia 7

08.09.2012 in Fotografie

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Cambodia 6

06.09.2012 in Fotografie

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Cambodia 5

05.09.2012 in Fotografie

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Cambodia 4

29.08.2012 in Fotografie

After our visit to Phnom Penh, we made it to Siem Reap where probably the world's most popular temples are situated: Angkor Wat. You might know some of them from Tomb Rider as Angelina Jolie a.k.a Lara Croft is roaming through some of the ancient buildings in this film. Accidentally one Lara Croft fan seemed to be on the place just when we got there... but she used to struggle in the wrong temple...

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Cambodia 3

26.08.2012 in Fotografie

Our last day in Phnom Penh brought us to Killing Fields and S21 - two facilities used by the Khmer Rouge regime to torture and kill people during this dark area of Cambodian history. It's been quite depressive and sad to see, read and hear about so much pain and terror - but still I don't want to miss it. Killing Fields offers a very recommendable audio-guide that gives a lot of background information.

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Cambodia 2

25.08.2012 in Fotografie

As Angkor Wat is one of the places you have to see in Cambodia, we left Phnom Penh 4 days ago and are now staying in Siem Reap. Since WiFi in our hostel is not capable of uploading photos it took me quite some time to upload some more photos of Phnom Penh - but finally here are some. Enjoy!

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T3CON Asia - Day 2

19.08.2012 in TYPO3 und Fotografie

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T3CON Asia - Day 1

17.08.2012 in TYPO3

Some impressions from our first day at the Asian TYPO3 conference in Cambodia. You can find some photos within the article!

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