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Using Extbase for Ajax requests

05.06.2012 in Extbase Cookbook

Several months ago, Daniel posted a nice fundamental article on how to use Extbase Controllers and Actions for handling ajax requests. Ever since then I struggled over some details when trying to use the dispatcher solution presented by him. In this article I try to give an up-to-date tutorial on how to use pt_extbase's dispatching facilities for handling ajax requests with Extbase and pt_extbase.

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Login form with Extbase and rsa_auth / salted_passwords

22.03.2012 in TYPO3 und Extbase Cookbook

Although TYPO3 ships with a login form within the fe_login extension, it sometimes might be necessary to implement your own login. This article explains how to do this with Extbase and salted passwords activated.

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Building complex filters with predefined filters in pt_extlist

22.03.2012 in TYPO3 und Extbase Cookbook

pt_extlist ships quite a few filters out-of-the-box like string filter, select filter, date picker and so on. For more complex situations you can either implement your own filter class or simply combine some out-of-the-box filters within your template to come up with more complex filters. This tutorial explains how to do this.

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pt_extlist API Tutorial

21.03.2012 in Extbase CookbookPHP und TYPO3

In diesem Tutorial wird gezeigt, wie man pt_extlist als API in Extbase Projekten verwenden kann und was es mit dem extlist-Kontext auf sich hat. Wer häufig sortierbar, filterbare Liste mit Pager implementieren muss, der kann sich die Arbeit hiermit etwas erleichtern.

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Salted Passwords in Extbase FeUser Domain Model

09.03.2012 in Extbase Cookbook und TYPO3

This little article describes how to set salted passwords in your Extbase Domain Model for fe_user.

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FLUID Comments

28.02.2012 in Extbase Cookbook

Today I took some minutes off to implement a new feature for FLUID template engine which I had been missing for a long time: comments.

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Category tree with nested sets and Extbase (2)

29.01.2012 in PHPTYPO3 und Extbase Cookbook

This article covers an implementation of nested sets with PHP. A goal of my development is to provide a nested set / category extension for TYPO3 so I'll try to show how one can implement nested set-based categories with Extbase.

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