Extracting comma separated list of pages with PDFTK

21.12.2012 in Informatik

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LaTex Makefile with TexShop

18.09.2012 in Informatik

This little tutorial shows how to use a Makefile to build your LaTex projects with TexShop on MacOS X. The Makefile renders table of contents, index, bibliography and all references within your LaTex files.

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Neo4J Cheat Sheet

19.06.2012 in Informatik

For storing graphs in my diploma thesis, I started using Neo4J graph database. Since there is not much information on usage and tips and tricks, I started writing a little cheat sheet which I'm sharing in this blog post. Happy cheat-sheeting :-)

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Login Menu with Twitter Bootstrap

27.02.2012 in Informatik

During the past couple of days I played around with Twitter Bootstrap CSS / HTML Framework and came up with the task of a login-dropdown menu. As there is now out-of-the-box solution for this task within the framework I show my solution here.

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Facebook Thumbnails not showing

26.02.2012 in TYPO3 und Informatik

Today I spent some hours trying to figure out why no preview thumbnails were shown for my blog post likes on Facebook. To prevent you from loosing as much time on this issue as I did this blog post will hopefully help you if you are in the same situation.

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Category tree with nested sets and Extbase (1)

29.01.2012 in Informatik und PHP

For a current project, I have to implement a category tree with arbitrary nesting level stored in a relational database.  Nested sets is one way to do this if you have many read requests and only few write requests. This article tries to give you the required theoretical background.

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Bücherliste Informatik

24.12.2011 in Informatik

Mein Chef hat mich vor ein paar Tagen gebeten, eine Liste von interessanten Büchern zusammen zu stellen, welche ich im Bereich Informatik empfehlen könnte. Nachdem ich Bücher gerne mag und dachte, das interessiert vielleicht auch andere, hier meine Bücher-Liste aus der Informatik-Studium-Retrospektive.

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