Solr Replication on a Single Solr Instance

16.03.2013 in SOLR und TYPO3

Apache Solr can be used in master/slave mode using build in replication. Normally, you use a dedicated server as a master and another server as a slave. Since indexing many documents can take some time, there might be another reason for indexing besides load balancing, namely having a core for searching (which might be outdated) while indexing into another core which will be incomplete during the indexing process.

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Running Apache Tika in Server Mode

13.02.2013 in SOLR

This article shows how to speed up Apache Tika by running it in server mode and how this solves performance issues with Tika.

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Installation von solr für TYPO3

25.04.2012 in TYPO3SOLR und PHP

Nachdem es für ein aktuelles Projekt bei mal wieder anstand, solr für TYPO3 zu installieren, wollte ich in diesem Blog-Post mal eine kleine (deutsche) Anleitung für eben diese Arbeit geben.

Beschrieben wird die Installation des solr Servers und der solr Extension von DKD.

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Hierachical facets with solr

19.11.2011 in TYPO3 und SOLR

Although SOLR is a mighty search server, it doesn't have a build-in facet for showing hierachical fields, e.g. page trees. When used in TYPO3 environment, it can be quite interesting to have a facet allowing the user to restrict its search results to certain pages in the page tree. This tutorial will present a solution for this problem.

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