Extbase 1.4.0 and Fluid 1.5.0-devel for TYPO3 4.5.x

01.03.2012 in TYPO3

After some hours I finally got a patched version of Fluid 1.4.0 and Extbase 1.5.0 that runs on TYPO3 4.5.x

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Facebook Thumbnails not showing

26.02.2012 in TYPO3 und Informatik

Today I spent some hours trying to figure out why no preview thumbnails were shown for my blog post likes on Facebook. To prevent you from loosing as much time on this issue as I did this blog post will hopefully help you if you are in the same situation.

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Category tree with nested sets and Extbase (2)

29.01.2012 in PHPTYPO3 und Extbase Cookbook

This article covers an implementation of nested sets with PHP. A goal of my development is to provide a nested set / category extension for TYPO3 so I'll try to show how one can implement nested set-based categories with Extbase.

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Adding extensions to SysFolder contains field

24.01.2012 in TYPO3

This article describes how to add your own extension and its icon to the 'Contains Plugin' field of pages and sysfolders in TYPO3.

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SimpleXml and PHP Allowed Memory Size Exchausted Fatal Error

23.01.2012 in TYPO3

SimpleXML and PHP Garbage Collection can produce some ugly errors. Read this article if you want to know what can happen and how to prevent this problem.

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Gallery Extensions for TYPO3 - an up-to-date comparison

02.12.2011 in TYPO3 und YAG TYPO3 Photo Gallery

After one year of development and about 2.300 Downloads from TER, we wanted to know what is "above us" in the TER gallery list. We compared 21 gallery extensions that recently are available for TYPO3 and have more downloads than yag gallery extension.

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TER Release Workflow

30.11.2011 in TYPO3

Releasing an extension to TER can be a challenging task, if you have some unit tests to be driven, documentation do be changed and git to be pulled and pushed in correct order. Here is my workflow for publishing TYPO3 extensions to TER successfully.

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Hierachical facets with solr

19.11.2011 in TYPO3 und SOLR

Although SOLR is a mighty search server, it doesn't have a build-in facet for showing hierachical fields, e.g. page trees. When used in TYPO3 environment, it can be quite interesting to have a facet allowing the user to restrict its search results to certain pages in the page tree. This tutorial will present a solution for this problem.

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Neuer Blog

17.11.2011 in TYPO3

Nach mehreren Jahren bloggen mit T3BLOG ging mir die Extension so auf den Sack, dass es Zeit war für was Neues. Angetan von Fabrizio Branca's Blog Lösung für TYPO3 wollte ich einem Blog rein auf TypoScript basierend eine Chance geben.

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